obedience dog training orlando

"We so appreciate all the care you took to teach us how to deal with Sampson. We are better people and Sam a better dog for your contribution to our efforts. Please accept our sincere and grateful thanks for your service." ​

​-Cheryl & Mark

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We specialize in personalized in-home training services in the Orange, Osceola, and Seminole County areas of Central Florida.  (Orlando, Lake Buenavista, Metro West, Windermere, Bay Hill, Dr. Phillips, Apopka, Winter Park, Ocoee, Union Park, Celebration, Championsgate, Reunion, Kissimmee, Maitland)

Regardless of breed, many dogs can be trained to protect their family and property.    
We will help you determine what kind of training you require and honestly evaluate your dog’s protection potential. 

These programs teach qualified dogs to protect you, your loved ones, and property while still remaining a loving and safe pet. 

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Dogs must be qualified during a pre-enrollment evaluation for this type of training.  We will also obedience train your dog on and off leash prior to starting these programs.


We emphasize training in REALISTIC environments. 

Level One includes your dog recognizing a threat, barking and lunging toward an attacker on command, and ceasing all aggression on command for effective and controlled protection.

Dogs who pass Level Two are possible candidates for Level Three.  This advanced training teaches your dog to work independently of you and go on the offensive to attack someone on command. 

Your dog is taught to cease all aggression on your command. 

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Imagine you are home alone one night when you hear a window break downstairs followed by muffled voices and footsteps entering the house. 

Your heart rate goes up and you become very worried.  But by your side is your loyal dog who has been trained to protect you, your loved ones, and your property.   

Even though the situation is frightening, you relax knowing you have trained for this and so has your dog. 

You give the command and your dog immediately charges downstairs, barking furiously, fully prepared to do whatever it takes to protect you.   

You hear the panicked intruders crying out and running as fast as they can to get out of your house. 

There is no greater peace of mind than having a dog who has completed protection dog training and knowing with complete certainty that your dog will protect you and your loved ones.  

Don’t “hope” your dog will protect you, “know” your dog will protect you.  Sleep like a baby while your trained protection dog is watching over you and your family.


Dogs who pass Level One are possible candidates for Level Two.  This phase of training teaches your dog to actually bite and fight an attacker who comes close enough to harm you.  

Your dog is taught to cease all aggression on your command.   



 "My decision to have JT Puppy trained by you has been the best decision I could have made for him and I. Yesterday, we went for a walk WITHOUT the leash on; he stayed by my side the whole time! " 

​-Jolene & JT

obedience dog training orlando

​In-Home Dog Training

"Just wanted to say thanks for helping Jackson and I communicate.  We are both very happy thanks to your help!"

-Mark & Jackson

obedience dog training orlando

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