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"Just wanted to say thanks for helping Jackson and I communicate.  We are both very happy thanks to your help!"

-Mark & Jackson

 "My decision to have JT Puppy trained by you has been the best decision I could have made for him and I. Yesterday, we went for a walk WITHOUT the leash on; he stayed by my side the whole time! " 

​-Jolene & JT

obedience dog training orlando
obedience dog training orlando

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obedience dog training orlando

"We so appreciate all the care you took to teach us how to deal with Sampson. We are better people and Sam a better dog for your contribution to our efforts. Please accept our sincere and grateful thanks for your service." ​

​-Cheryl & Mark

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GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS -  z Pohranicni straze


​​The moment you bring your new puppy home, training begins. Often times, we are training our puppies without even meaning to and the results can be disastrous.

We want to teach new puppy owners how to influence and sculpt the behavior of their growing puppy.  Regardless of whether you are formally enrolled in training, your puppy still learns behaviors and patterns from you, the owner.  Future behavior problems are likely to arise unless you teach limits your puppy can understand.

Puppy preschool instructs owners to more effectively communicate with their puppy and discourage behavior problems.  It also provides detailed instructions regarding proper socialization.  Our program is tailored for each puppy on an individual basis and allows us the opportunity to answer questions that apply specifically to your puppy.

Puppy Age Requirements:

Ideally, puppies should start preschool at 8 weeks old but no later than 15 weeks old.  From 7 to 16 weeks old, dogs start to form ideas and attitudes about the world that can last a lifetime.  Future problems are most easily avoided if dealt with at this time. 

What if my dog is older than 15 weeks?  Don't worry its not too late to teach your puppy everything he needs to know but at this stage of development your best friend's maturing mind will thrive in the environment only a formal training program can provide.

Preschool Lessons:

Each dog has a unique personality and no two breeds are alike, but our personalized approach allows us to evaluate your puppy’s personality type and temperament.  Taking your puppy’s breed and temperament into account will allow us to provide you with specific instructions on raising a puppy with the characteristics that make yours unique. 

Additionally, during this time we will address behavioral issues such as play biting, walking on a leash, chewing, house training, jumping up (on people and furniture), and any other issues that concern you.

You will see your puppy transform in front of your eyes during the very first session!  Having completed puppy preschool, transitioning into formal obedience training will come naturally to your dog.

Our one-on-one format will ensure you and your puppy receive the highest quality instruction and attention.  Any questions you have about your puppy will be addressed in real time. Through our thoughtful guidance you will learn in depth about proper handling, basic problem solving, socialization, confidence building, and other helpful topics.  Such topics include a foundation in dog care, the introduction of grooming practices including coat brushing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming among other things.

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