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​Serving Orlando and Surrounding Areas

We specialize in personalized in-home training services in the Orange, Osceola, and Seminole County areas of Central Florida.  (Orlando, Lake Buenavista, Metro West, Windermere, Bay Hill, Dr. Phillips, Apopka, Winter Park, Ocoee, Union Park, Celebration, Championsgate, Reunion, Kissimmee, Maitland)

*HAND SIGNALS - Your dog learns to read your body language alone.  Hand signals teach your dog to pay closer attention to you.

  • 14 Private Lessons (1 lesson each week)
  • ​9 Obedience Commands
  • 5 Behavior Commands
  • House Breaking
  • Problem Solving*
  • Pool Safety*, Child Safety*, Canine Good Citizen Prep (Pick One)
  • Place Training*
  • On/Off Switch*
  • Therapy Skills Training
  • ​Therapy Visits (doing actual therapy work)
  • ​Lifetime Guarantee

Would you like to see your loveable dog helping others? 


During your free evaluation we will come and see if your dog has what it takes to become a therapy dog.  A sweet temperament goes a long way and hyperactivity does not disqualify your dog from therapy dog training. 

*PROBLEM SOLVING - You will receive assistance on fixing any unwanted behaviors.

Examples include: jumping up, house training, barking, leash pulling, digging, destroying the house, getting into the garbage, running away, chasing animals, marking, hyperactivity, fearfulness, separation anxiety, bad car manners, car sickness, etc.   

Would you like to share your dog’s ability to heal mind and body?

Your dog can bring joy and relief to those who are suffering or help children learn to read and focus in school.   

Imagine you not only have a working therapy dog but you also trust your dog to behave anywhere you go. 

All of your friends and family will want you to bring your dog when you go see them. 

Enjoy relaxing walks downtown or visit the farmer’s market with your dog right next to you as you shop and meet new people.

How would it feel to watch other people enjoy your dog as much as you do?

Your dog can bring happiness to people of all ages, young and old alike. 

Visit veterans and people with PTSD to help them heal and readjust to civilian life or bring comfort to people with cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and those recovering from surgery.  

Therapy dogs impact people in a profound and lasting way when they need it most.    

When your dog isn’t changing lives you can enjoy walks in the park and trips to the beach without needing a leash.  Enjoy having a dog that is totally reliable and stays with you.   

How would it feel knowing your dog will not see another animal and run away from you?

Your guests will actually enjoy being greeted by your polite dog and they will tell all their friends how pleasant your dog is to be around.  

They will even request you bring your dog to their house!

therapy dog training orlando

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*POOL SAFETY - ensure your dog is safe around the pool and knows how to get out in an emergency.  For dogs who love the pool, help them learn proper manners when friends and family are swimming.  

  • 16 Private Lessons (1 lesson each week)
  • ​10 Obedience Commands
  • 5 Behavior Commands
  • House Breaking
  • Problem Solving*
  • Pool Safety*, Child Safety*, Canine Good Citizen Prep (All Included)
  • Place Training*
  • Off-Leash Training 
  • On/Off Switch*
  • Hand Signals*
  • Therapy Skills Training
  • Therapy Visits (doing actual therapy work)
  • ​Lifetime Guarantee

*ON/OFF SWITCH- Would you like to have a peaceful home again?  No more whining or pacing around constantly.  Give your dog an On and Off Switch.  When you are relaxing, so is your dog.  When it's time to do something, your dog is ready to go.     

therapy dog training orlando

*PLACE -   Imagine no more hovering around the table while you're eating or bothering your guests who visit.  Your dog will learn to stay on a mat and wait patiently for extended periods.


*CHILD SAFETY - Ensure things go smoothly if you are bringing a new baby or new dog into your pack.  Even well behaved dogs can suddenly take advantage of your divided attention and before you know it they are calling the shots.


obedience dog training orlando

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obedience dog training orlando
obedience dog training orlando

​In-Home Dog Training

"We so appreciate all the care you took to teach us how to deal with Sampson. We are better people and Sam a better dog for your contribution to our efforts. Please accept our sincere and grateful thanks for your service." ​

​-Cheryl & Mark

 "My decision to have JT Puppy trained by you has been the best decision I could have made for him and I. Yesterday, we went for a walk WITHOUT the leash on; he stayed by my side the whole time! " 

​-Jolene & JT

"Just wanted to say thanks for helping Jackson and I communicate.  We are both very happy thanks to your help!"

-Mark & Jackson

Tell us about your dog and immediately find out, 

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Our training programs include a FREE LIFETIME GUARANTEE


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